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May 28, 2008


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I use a polyscience machine and it was a bitch to get aproved, I had to write a haasap plan and do like 5 drafts.


Jaison, what kind of guide lines were they making you follow? And did you have to do 5 b/c the first 4 didnt pass?


I had to write a 10 step system from recieving to plate. It was the same paper just had to update and give more info a few times. You need to have special equipment, and data loggers.


Jai what is the Celsius temprature that you cook this in? I'm not good with conversions:) Also anyway you want to send me your steps for the health department?


I was wondering about the celcius temp for the phesant? and are you using a CVAP at all?



Great blog, do you work at OXO?

Jai, I would also be interested as to what the HAACP plan was. I know that 202 Market in Roanoke has a much less detailed system in place and that they do fish sous-vide as well. www.202market.net


Fish sous vide is illegal hands down in va. you get caught doing it and they will shut you down. as far as I know. CVAP? i am not sure. i cook pheasant at 164.9f
which is like 67.6c i think.I dont work at oxo.


CVAP is an oven that allows you to cook for long periods of time at low tempratures and vary the level of humidity. It is used frequently in big catering operations but is finding its way into the modern kitchen.


CVAP's are cool as shit. I would love to try one out. Tucker, are you making your way to C-ville sometime in the near future or are you in Lexington permanently?


I'm in C-Ville now and moving to Lexington in the very near future

Winston Shelton

Great to hear that CVap is cool as shit since I am its inventor.
Tell me what else is cool about it... warms the cockles of my heart... whatever that is. Winston Shelton...

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